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Main Areas Of The Activities

In realizing its objectives, the Association adopts the following tasks:
  •  To encourage the new membership of national governmental and private electricity companies; to set up working groups to work on specific issues in the field of electrical energy; and to disseminate widely the findings and results of these studies;
  • To undertake researches and studies on the potential, generation, transmission, use, wholesale, retail sale, retail sales services, consumption, import and export of electrical energy; correlation between economic growth and energy, social and environmental aspects of supply security and energy use;
  • To expand the studies and researches, on technical, economic, legal and  restructuring issues related to the energy policy and strategies and to collect statistical information; 
  • To prepare and disseminate widely the reports, books, bulletins, brochures, periodicals and electronic- bulletins to inform the public as well as its members, of the findings and results of these studies;
  • To organize conferences, symposiums, seminars, round tables, panels, expositions and other similar activities on the above mentioned subjects, at national, regional and international levels; if necessitates, to coordinate the attendance in this kind of national and international activities; to prepare and publish the statements and results of these activities;
  • To collect all electrical energy related information by establishing a high level cooperation with national and international organizations, universities, private sector companies, unions and associations, which are active in the electrical energy field; and in this context, if appropriate, to become a founder member or a member to the national and international organizations working in the electrical energy field; 
  • To submit offers to national and international organizations to undertake relevant projects by employing researchers and experts for these specific projects;
  • To investigate new technologies in the field of electrical energy developed by national and international research organizations; to overview the impacts of recent worldwide changes in the social and economic policies on long-term objectives of electricity sector and on the development of the country; and in this context, to submit its opinions and recommendations to the policy-makers and similar authorities on relevant national policy and strategies; and to collaborate with governmental and private companies; in this respect.

TESAB has a permanent office in Ankara, led by the Secretary General, for the fulfillment of the above mentioned activities.