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The objectives of the Association are:

  • To examine the questions, related directly or indirectly, to the generation, transmission, distribution, wholesale, retail sale services, export, import and consumption of electricity, and more specifically on the relevant social, political, technical, legal and institutional issues; and to give guidance to its members in addressing to their actual problems in those mentioned areas;
  • To collect and harmonize data and information on the generation, transmission, distribution and supply industry to contribute to long-term relevant studies; and to disseminate this information widely; to facilitate and promote the communication and consultation among the members of the Association, authorities and international organizations.
  • To organize meetings, seminars and similar activities;
  • Within the restructuring approach in integration with the European Union, to review the situation and issues of the all the public and private companies in the Turkish electricity sector and to assist them in this process;
  • To represent TESAB members,  (including governmental and private companies, associations and unions) at European level , to be in liaison  with  the European Union, in its capacity as the member of EURELECTRIC, and to coordinate the exchange of views between its members and EURELECTRIC to develop solutions in common;
  •  To keep its members to be informed of the activities of the European Union, more particularly in the field of electrical energy;
  • To develop cooperation with the relevant organizations both at national and international levels for the benefit of activities of its members; as well as  to expand its membership to those organizations.