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EURELECTRIC’s Full Member structure is based on national representation, via the national electricity association, where such a body exists, or the leading electricity enterprise in each country. Currently there are 33 Full Members, including all 27 EU Member States, current applicants negotiating to join the Community, plus other European OECD countries.

Full Members, plus observers representing both European and Mediterranean Affiliates, have a seat on the Board of Directors, the supreme governing body, whose main task is to set EURELECTRIC's work agenda and determine its main policies and strategies.

EURELECTRIC’s opinions and policy positions are formulated in some 30 expert Working Groups, supervised by five Committees, each of which adopts positions or undertakes studies on all issues within its competence. This “structure of expertise” ensures that input to EURELECTRIC positions comes from several hundred active electricity sector professionals and that our Members are profoundly involved in forging common views on subjects of shared interest.